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STFU Episode 6

Today I finished recording my STFU podcast. I am looking for suggestions, or ideas for additional podcasts. In addition to STFU, I am also running Victory-Productions. If you have suggestions, or would like to simply chat about the making of podcasts, or Vidcast, drop me a line, stfuadm (at) gmail (dot) com.


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People I hate…

There are a lot of people that I hate, but here are the top three.
Sean Penn has been praised by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, for his opposition to the war. Chavez has a huge hatred of America, which has been evidenced, on many occasions. My hatred of Penn started when he travelled to Iraq, and proclaimed Saddam Hussein a good guy. He is such a loser, but yet he has endeared himself to the liberal left.
Johnny Depp… He is another lost soul that I hate. He has given up his country for France. All the while making the statement "I will not live in a country that would go to war." He is just another example of liberals taking advantage of the freedoms provided by our brave soldiers in the armed forces.
Last, but not least, Danny Glover. This loser has protested the war, our troops and sided with Hugo Chavez. I will not EVER watch any movie with any of these "actors" (read treasons retards). I am unsure why there have NOT been any charges of treason brought against …